All beings by nature are Buddha...
— Hakuin Zenji

About AZC

Update: Please call 907-563-4936, for Zoom meeting ID# and password for online sittings.  All events for AZC are on Zoom at this time due to COVID-19.

Online offerings, including Sunday Service, Morning Sits, and Book Club will take place on Zoom and are published on Meet-Up.  Find our full schedule and how to connect here.

In addition to AZC offerings, we wanted to share some upcoming opportunities for extended sitting offered on Zoom. Mountain Lamp Community in Washington state is holding Zazenkai: August 7-9, led by Genmyo’s Diamond Sangha teacher, Jack Duffy. 

Mountain Lamp Community in Washington state is holding Zazenkai: August 7-9, led by Genmyo’s Diamond Sangha teacher, Jack Duffy. Registration info below, and if you would like dokusan with Genmyo, please email as well.

All times listed are SEATTLE time, so AK participants will join one hour earlier than listed. The detailed schedule for the Aug 7-9 retreat is:

Friday: 6:30 pm-9:30 pm

Saturday: 8:15am-9:10PM

Sunday: 8:15AM-5PM

Dokusan with Jack Duffy or Genmyo (AZC folks) will be offered to full-time participants who are committed to Silence for the entire weekend ie no e-mail, text, internet use, social conversation. If you would like dokusan, please register.

Registration: For those wanting dokusan with Jack or Genmyo, please send an email confirming your plan for full-time attendance to Shelly Farber It would be helpful to receive part-time registration as well, though not required and all are welcome to attend at the last minute.

Zoom: A link will be sent to attendees prior to the weekend.

Dana: There will be no set fee for this retreat. We will ask for dana (donation as able) for the teaching.


Friday, Aug 7, 2020:

6:30pm introductions, instruction on retreat Zoom use
6:55pm be seated, audio/video off
7:00pm—zazen – sitting, kinhin – walking 7:25-7:35
8:35—zazen & dokusan (for full time), interviews
9:30—closing & 4 Infinite Vows


8:15 Samu, cleaning your space
8:45 gather on zoom
8:55 be seated, audio/video off
9:00am—5 rememberances, zazen, kinhin
10:20 —sutras
11:00—zazen, dokusan, interviews, kinhin

12:30—lunch prep, video on for announcements, gathas (chants), off for meal
1:00pm opening meal gatha
1:20pm closing meal gatha

2:25 be seated
2:30—zazen, kinhin
3:05—Chant – on Opening the Dharma, teisho – Dharma talk
3:45—zazen, dokusan, interviews

5:00—supper prep, video on for announcements, gathas (chants), off for meal
5:30 pm opening meal gatha
5:50 pm closing meal gatha

6:55 be seated
7:35—zazen, dokusan, interviews
9:10— Four Infinite Vows closing ceremony

Sunday (Same as Saturday until 5 PM)


About the Anchorage Zen Community

The mission of the Anchorage Zen Community is to realize, embody, and communicate the teachings of the Buddha as conveyed by the Soto school.  Anchorage Zen Community strives to integrate formal Zen practice and everyday life for personal and social transformation.  

Nirvana is here, before your eyes
This very place is the Lotus Land
This very body the Buddha
 – Hakuin Zenji

For thirty years, small groups of people have been practicing the way of the Buddha here in Anchorage. We have carried our practice into our daily lives as we have cleaned creeks, visited prisoners, celebrated Buddha’s birthday and enlightenment, held services and activities for children, organized interfaith potlucks, and sat with the dying and chanted for the dead.

The current head priest of the community is Genmyo Zeedyk. She joined us in January 2012.

In the midst of the busyness of life, we continue to offer a place to practice just sitting in silence. We invite you to join us.


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What is Zen?

Many Westerners have misunderstandings about Zen and about Buddhism more broadly.

Zen is a set of teachings and practices aimed at helping students minimize suffering in their lives and awaken to reality “just as it is.” As a school of Buddhism, Zen is generally considered a religion, but it is important to note that Zen is not concerned with whether or not gods exist, how the universe came to be, or what happens to us after we die.

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